Closer to the End

With all the hard work behind me, I am finally in the finishing stages for all three builds. These three kits have been interesting builds this month. With the many minor issues with the Lippisch, I never thought I would be able to get time for the Starfighter or Dagger.
The Lippisch, itself, is complete. I finished the paint on Monday along with the weathering yesterday. I decided to add a tractor to the cart. When I built Academy’s Me-163, it came with a tractor and trailer that I opted not to build. I went swimming in my spares box and pulled it out. It took about two minutes to cut all the pieces from the sprues and another minute to assemble the main body. I was able to get it painted along with the wheels and shocks. I let the paint cure for a few hours and I painted in the details. I’ll finish up final assembly today and the Lippisch will be done.
The F-102 has been going just as well. I used Model Masters Aircraft Gray to airbrush the final color. I was even able to get the decals on late last night. I’ll spray a coat of flat clear on today and hopefully get it weathered tonight.
The F-104 is the dead weight of this trio. It’s not because it’s been neglected, just because of the paint scheme. I sprayed Model Masters Dark Tan on it the same time I painted the Dagger. With the Dagger and the Lippisch keeping me busy, I just haven’t gotten around to getting some more paint on it. Hopefully today will see me get the second application of the SEA camouflage scheme on. Finalization is a few days away for this one but at least it is going well.


9 thoughts on “Closer to the End

  1. Do I see a sign on your wall reading: “Beware of Wife”???? Signed….A Wife!!!! (PS – You’d do well to look out for the sign on the rear window of a car which reads: “Danger – Mother-in-Law in Boot)


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