Not So Fast

With the Lippisch back in action, I hit the ground running yesterday morning. Using the scrap styrene pieces again, I was able to get the bulkhead finished. The canopy proved to be another disaster. After the bulkhead was finished, I commenced fitting the canopy. Light sanding was needed to get a true fit. As I was dry fitting the piece, I heard a “snap”. The snap turned out to be the canopy breaking in half. Two canopies gone. I would like to be able to say that in a miracle moment I found the first canopy. Instead, I opened the third Lippisch kit and grabbed the canopy from it.
The saying, “the third time’s a charm”, is true in this case. I carefully sanded number three down to a pretty decent fit. There were some small gaps but I didn’t want to push it any further. I glued the canopy on and let it dry overnight.
This morning, I lightly sanded the excess glue away and filled the gaps. Later tonight, I will give it another light sand and then shoot some primer on. Tomorrow should bring final paint as long as everything looks good.


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