Missing Piece

In a perfect world, I would be typing positive words about the status of the Lippisch build. This is unfortunately not a perfect world for me. Somehow, I managed to misplace the canopy to the Lippisch. Ready to finish the build-up of the cockpit for the canopy to actually fit, I discovered it had gone missing. I recruited my children to form a search party, but to no avail. With the build coming to a screeching halt, I was forced to order another kit. Two kits to be exact. I ordered a back up for my back up. Squadron had them on sale for $4.00 each which was a change of fortune. At least it wasn’t a pricey kit.
While I wait for my order to be delivered, I can now devote more energy into the F-104 and F-102. I started the cockpits tonight and was able to get the seat belts on the ejection seats as well as paint the headrests. I was also able to get the air intakes installed on the F-104 so I can finalize the refueling probe. Baby steps for now. The delay with the Lippisch should help me make some advantageous strides this week with the other two builds.



6 thoughts on “Missing Piece

  1. The dreaded missing piece!

    I can relate to that since I have been searching some missing pieces I had set aside 20 years ago to repair some of my broken model kits.

    My kids are all grown up right now and I don’t think they would understand my cry for help.
    My grandchildren would love this though.


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