Organized Chaos

Looking at my workbench, you would think that I have way too much going on. You might be right about that assessment. Working on three kits at the same time can get a little crazy when it all ends up in the same place when I’m not working on them. I usually try to pick different types of aircraft to build so it won’t get confusing. This particular build is leaving me double checking where I place certain parts. The Lippisch is no issue. It’s the F-104 and F-102 that get a little confusing at times. As the builds get more involved and the planes get built up, things should run a little smoother.
I made a great deal of progress on all three kits today. The F-104 and F-102 got all pre-painting finished. I can now proceed with cockpits, landing gear, and ordinance. The Lippisch made it through filling and sanding the main fuselage. I also was able to get the cart close to complete. I should be able to attach the cockpit/vertical stabilizer tomorrow and then comes the bulk of the “custom” work. I dry fitted the canopy and noticed that it isn’t even close to a good fit. I’ll need to build up the perimeter to make it work. I also plan on making a bulkhead and adding a head rest behind the seat instead of having an empty space back there. I have a lot of tedious work ahead of me but I’m staying positive that it will work.


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