A-37B Dragonfly

I finished the Dragonfly yesterday with zero resistance. This was a great build. The only minor issue was with the installation of the canopy. While not a big problem, it took some adjusting to get it to fit correctly.
I, of course, went with the SEA camouflage paint scheme for the Dragonfly. Normally, I use Medium Green for the lighter shade of green. Medium Green tends to blend in with the Dark Green. For this build, I used Field Green and I am quite pleased with the end result. The colors came out crisp and noticeable.
I started final assembly on the Vigilante yesterday and ran into a major problem installing the wind screen. The instrument cowl was too high causing a horrible fit. I’m not sure if this was my fault or just a bad fit. Nevertheless, there was no way around this one. I broke out the sanding sticks and shaped the cowl down. I got it down to where there was a slight gap and glued it on. After the glue dried, I filled the gaps. I’ll do some light sanding today and touch up the paint. All should be well enough to finish up the Vigilante tonight.




10 thoughts on “A-37B Dragonfly

  1. Used to work the OA-37 version also in my days as a controller at Davis-Monthan, as well as the O-2. As for the O-2, my father flew that during his year at Da Nang back in the late ’60s — 75 missions over the North, followed by 75 missions over the South. He was damn lucky, in that he only took one small arms hit on his aircraft. One of his wing-men wasn’t nearly so lucky; got shot down and was never recovered.


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