Wrapping it Up

After driving straight through, we safely made it back to Indiana late Saturday night. I used Sunday as a “rest up” day and was back at my Dragonfly and Vigilante builds yesterday.
The Dragonfly will be the first to be completed. I was able to mask off the underside and get the first color (Model Masters Dark Tan) of the SEA camouflage scheme airbrushed. I will get the Medium Green sprayed on this morning and maybe the Dark Green late tonight.
The Vigilante isn’t far behind. I finished painting the underside yesterday morning and started to mask it off last night. I also noticed a few spots that needed a little more filling and sanding. I addressed those issues last night and I’ll finish masking everything off today. Hopefully I’ll get the rest painted today. Both kits are moving along smoothly and should be finished in the next couple of days.



4 thoughts on “Wrapping it Up

  1. Glad you made it home safely…sure has been a “winter.” I didn’t know there was a kit for the Dragonfly! I have some photos I took back in the 90’s at Willow Grove Air Base in Pa.of the Dragonflies as they were taxiing alongside the runway. I could send you copies if you would like.
    Contact me via dhphotosite.com


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