F7F-3P Tigercat

Revell has never been a favorite manufacturer of mine. This kit has not changed my opinion of Revell, but I am impressed with the ease of the build. Detail is a massive draw for me and this kit lacked that selling point. So why did I build it? I don’t know if I can fully answer that question. Other than the reasons stated in a previous post, I wanted to see how a minimalistic approach stood up to a higher quality kit. This kit was a breeze to put together. The few parts make for a quick assembly.
This is most definitely a weekend build. I don’t recall having any problems from building to painting. The decals were from 1994 so I decided to raid my spares and not get frustrated with old decals. unfortunately the Tigercat is a tail sitter and I did not add enough nose weight. I jammed as much in as I could from the nose of the plane back to the cockpit but it wasn’t enough. To rectify this problem, I cut a piece of clear sprue to size and attached it to the bottom of the tail section.
All in all, I think on appearance alone, the Tigercat turned out as well as I had hoped for. It is a perfect kit for beginners but not so much for the experienced modeler.




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