Focke Wulf Fw-190D

World War II German aircraft are starting to become a new obsession with my builds. Hasegawa’s Fw-190D kit is a must for any builder. This kit gave great detail and assembled well. One thing that I enjoy about the German builds is the camouflage. The painting process takes some devotion to accomplish but in the end, looks fantastic.
The normal build issues were absent for this one It almost built itself. I think this was the first kit, that I have built, where I was able to complete with zero filler. Hasegawa remains one of my favorite manufacturers because of kits like this one.
I definitely should have had this one finished much quicker than I did. I am very pleased with how it turned out.




12 thoughts on “Focke Wulf Fw-190D

      • Yeah, I’ll have to get better on my masking first, and I might need to get aftermarket decals too – the Hobby Boss and Tamiya decals aren’t consistent and would look a bit odd. But, they might form the basis of another little diorama in the future – JV-44 was a fighter wing that flew ME-262s, so I could tie those in with it too. Man I do way too much armchair modelling 😛

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      • Ha! We all dream of builds that we want to build. My head is full of them. There are quite a few aftermarket decal sets out there. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. Have you ever tried Tamiya masking tape? It’s a little pricey but it works well. For bigger areas I use Frog Tape.


  1. Yeah, I might even just use the manufacturer decals to begin with, figure out my diorama, and then build new models for that project especially. I’ve got a roll of Tamiya tape that looks pretty good, so I’ll give that a go for now – I can imagine that it would be alright for this. The Hobby Boss kit expects me to mask off lines on the external fuel tank though; I think I might leave that bit off for this project. I can’t imagine an aircraft used for airfield defence would really need much extended range anyway.

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