25 in 2013

Unfortunately the Crusader couldn’t be completed by the new year. Since Christmas, I have had zero time to work on anything. After four straight doubles at work, today is a much needed day off. I was able to make some progress this morning by painting the undersides of the Crusader in Testor’s Flat White. I’ll let the paint dry and mask it off for the final coat of Flat Gull Gray.
While I am waiting for the paint to dry, I am starting Hasegawa’s Fw190D-9. I sat down with the NHL’s Winter Classic on and started all the beginning work of clipping parts from the sprues and painting various internal pieces.
With these two kits being the first of the new year, I got to thinking of all the builds from 2013. I looked back through my archives and counted twenty-five kits last year. It doesn’t seem like I completed that many. Last year was a good year to build models. Hopefully I can match my output in 2014. Happy New Year!






24 thoughts on “25 in 2013

  1. Wow – I know I mentioned it before but I admire your patience in creating these beautiful aircraft. Congratulations on the number you managed to complete in 2013, I hope you manage to meet, if not top, that accomplishment in the new year! Thanks for stopping by and liking “Ohio Winter – 2014”!


  2. Such artistry! My dad always claimed he wasn’t an artist, but one look at his elaborate, entirely constructed by hand model railroad cars, engines, and setting proved otherwise! Thanks so much for the follow.


  3. Beautiful collection and a nice pastime! I admire your patience. I was under machine-gun fire from on of those, a Spitfire to be precise, during WWII…nearly got killed before being liberated!

    Thanks for liking my post “Kokaburra”.


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