Ki-46-3 Dinah Interceptor

The Dinah has been completed and parked with my other finished builds. This was my first time building an ARII Models kit and they left me impressed. The kit featured spectacular fitting parts with recessed panel lines. I have a few more ARII kits in my inventory that I was hesitant about. After this build, I am sure they will be of the same quality. The flow of the build was perfect. I did forget to install the belly window during construction. Simple mistake, right?
The build was great, however the decals were a nightmare. There were eight total to apply and they were atrocious to work with. They did respond well with decal set, though. Next time I will have an aftermarket set as a backup just in case this is a regular thing with their decal sheets.




8 thoughts on “Ki-46-3 Dinah Interceptor

    • They absolutely do look quite similar. I do see a few differences though. 1- the engine nacelles differ slightly, 2- there are two extra antennas on the nose, and 3- there is a third cockpit hatch opening. That might just be a variation of the same plane. I’m not too informed on Japanese aircraft. To be honest, I have a lot of trouble telling them apart sometimes. Good eye.


      • I asked because the location of the center tank looks like as if it was converted to an extra cockpit (or vice-versa), and the antennas could easily be added.

        However, as I said, nothing in the literature indicated the two planes were related in design.


  1. I built one Ki-46 years ago, but I can’t remember the manufacturer’s name. It was a 1/48th scale model from a Japanese company. I know I could Google this, but writing a comment here is more fun.

    Fun… Isn’t what building airplane kits is all about?


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