Boeing X-32A

In 1993, the United States Department of Defense was seeking a replacement for their lightweight fighters in which many companies paticipated.  In November of 1996, both Boeing and Lockheed Martin were awarded contracts to build two concepts.Lockheed Martin produced the eventual winner in the X-35 (now the F-35). Boeings odd looking concept was the X-32A.

Tamiya produced a great kit. My only issues came at final assembly when I was installing the weapons and the landing gear. There are some bizarre fitting issues that leave you perplexed at how you were supposed to move on. My guess is that the problem was the instructions.  I was able to make it work and move on to complete the X-32A. The decal application was quick and painless. There were a total of sixteen decals to put on. This was a simple build with great results.





7 thoughts on “Boeing X-32A

  1. For a while I was into figure models. Loved going to shows and hobby shops. But never much for planes and cars. Don’t know why. But seeing your photos makes me think about having another go at it. Beautiful work.


  2. Well done, man!

    I actually hate the X-32 design, but of course I think the JSF is a total waste of time and trouble, too. I’ve not seen much that makes me think kindly of the X-32’s humpy, “frog-ready-to-pouce” shape, but this is it!

    I congratulate you on another fantastic result!


      • Apparently, from what I’ve read, the X-32 shape was recycled from the Boeing ATF (i.e. F-22/F-23) competition submission. However, it was so bad that the USAF didn’t even let them go to hardware in that case.

        Seems like a good idea to recycle it, right? I mean, Lockheed basically made an F-22 Jr. for their JSF submission, right?

        Yeah. Good thing Boeing has the Eagle and Hornet/Super Hornet in their stables, or they’d be out of business combat aircraft-wise!


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