Ahead of Schedule

Much to my delight, I am way ahead of schedule on my X-32A and Ki-46 Dinah builds. I spent all day yesterday diligently at the workbench. I am relieved to say that both kits are painted. I applied the decals to the X-32A last night and it should be completed by tomorrow tonight. The Dinah was painted late last night so it will be another day or so before I can call it finished. I’ll get the masking off and spray it with a gloss coat tonight so I can decal it tomorrow. The X-32A will get weathered tonight and final assembly can begin tomorrow. Both kits should be ready for the weekend.


11 thoughts on “Ahead of Schedule

  1. Man – you are just a machine! I also like how you take a bit of time after painting to ensure it is properly dry. It’s a lesson I didn’t learn as a kid painting kits, but somehow got the hang of in my early 30s painging D&D figurines!


  2. Painting and holding the kit before the paint is dry brings back fond memories.

    I should get on with building my airplane model kits again.

    I will be turning 65 later this month and having 50 + unbuilt model kits…
    Building one a year would bring me to my 115th birthday in 2063.
    Something to ponder about…

    I can always give them to my grandson who turned two last November.
    He would be 52 in 2063!

    And of course I also have 10 or so finished kits in dire need for some repairs.

    I think I should start a new blog on building model kits. That would get me started,,,


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