Spitfire Mk. I

The final element of my Battle of Britain build is the Spitfire Mk. I. Like the Messerchmitt, construction of the Spitfire went just as well. At least with this one I didn’t break or ruin anything. The wing fitting was a little off but it didn’t take much to correct. This build, along with the Messerschmitt, was enjoyable. Both kits could be completed within a few days time. The only downside, to me, was the lack of an open canopy along with some cockpit detail.




19 thoughts on “Spitfire Mk. I

  1. Beautiful work, the aesthetics of the Spitfire always impressed me. I mostly build wooden model siege engines (catapults, trebuchets, ballistas, etc.), way simpler, but still fun. Your painting here is really excellent, beautiful airbrushing.


  2. You can see why the Spitfire became a propaganda weapon during the Battle of Britain as it had that glamour with those smooth lines. For me the best looking version was the Mark.IX with its more exhausts, cannons and two underwing cooling intakes. Also the sound of that Merlin XX engine…Beautiful


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