F-51D Mustang

My hissy fit aside, this was a reminder that building models doesn’t get easy. Easier, yes. Easy, no. I managed to stay sane and complete this build. Lessons have been learned and filed away in the recesses of my brain. I was skittish with Airfix before I built this kit. Now, I plan to steer clear as much as possible. I will admit I have been tempted recently to purchase a new one. Luckily, once I thought of the needless struggles, I moved on with relief.
So here it is…..whew! I can start off by saying that this kit does have potential. The tooling is great with excellent recessed panel lines. The decals were another highlight of this build. It was the fit (or lack thereof) that upset the balance. If you’re looking for a challenge, this one might be for you.
Overall, I think I came out of this ok. I had originally planned to use Model Masters Metalizer for the paint, but I just wanted to put this one behind me. I opted to go with Chrome Silver. Decal application went great. I always dread using decals that follow form. The shark mouth went on well with little adjusting. Weathering this kit was a battle of my mind. I wanted to make it dirty without taking away the luster of a shiny airplane. I took it a little easy with the pastels.
So it’s up on the shelf now. I am happy that I’m finished with it and with the way it turned out. The outcome could have been way worse. On to another build.




6 thoughts on “F-51D Mustang

  1. Good to see that you prevailed with the Mustang and it’s looking good.
    Airfix are a funny mob. Good prototypes but challenging builds sometimes. Still, there generally at the lower end of rhe price scale so if we want Tamiya quality I guess we have to pay for it.
    The Airfix stuff still rewards the effort if you can stick with it though.
    MiG-21 is lovely!


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