Something’s Missing

As I entered into the decision making process for my next two builds, I noticed an extremely lopsided fact to my last twenty or so builds. In all of those kits, only three have been of the WWII era. It’s not that I do not care for that age of planes. It’s actually quite the opposite. There is nothing like seeing a warbird at a museum let alone hear their raw engines roaring. I very much appreciate and enjoy WWII era planes. Thus leading to my criteria for my next two builds. Criteria number one is that one has to be from WWII. The second criteria is not really a big deal. The kit just has to be from my “to build” list. Both kits were easy choices.
For my WWII pick, I went with Airfix’s 1/72 F-51D Mustang. That isn’t a typo. The “P” designation was changed to “F” after the war. The Mustang will forever be from that era so I’ll let the history lesson slide.
I’m definitely not the biggest admirer of Airfix. I was skeptical in choosing this kit, but let’s hope looks aren’t deceiving. Upon opening the box, you’ll find a great looking kit staring back at you. The moulds are pristine with zero flashing. The weighted wheels are a surprising addition to any kit. Now I don’t have to dip into my True Details resin stash. I haven’t gotten far enough into this build to report any information. It looks like this kit might change my opinion on Airfix.
The second build is Fujimi’s 1/72 scale MiG-21 MF Jayfighter. This aircraft has been on my radar for awhile and I’m pleased to finally get the chance to build it.
Open the box and I’m guessing it’s like the many versions Fujimi offers. I have the “Humpback” kit and it’s the same as this one, part for part. The kit looks favorable with nice detail. The decals give you three options to build. I will be building the Iraqi version. The desert camouflage scheme is too hard to pass up. With Halloween tomorrow, I have my parental duties to take my children trick or treating leaving my hopes for some progress for the weekend. A worthy trade off in its own right.



14 thoughts on “Something’s Missing

  1. Airfix is very definitely a mixed bag. Ultimately it all depends on the age of the kit. A lot of even the current boxing’s are from mouldings dating back to the 60’s and 70’s, these suffer from all the faults of that age, plus the additional issues in wear and tear on the moulds. Some have sprues of additional/Alternate parts for the version in the boxing and it is amazing the difference in quality you can see in them. Then there are the kits from the first revival, soft plastic, heavy detail, poor fit. Really horrible! the 1/48 TSR2 on My blog is a classic example, Then there are the latest kits from the last few years, each one an improvement on the last, good quality plastics, fine detail (If not always accurate) and really are a joy to put together. My only complaint would be the thickness of the sprue gates that requires careful cutting, but it’s a small issue to Me. I think you will enjoy the Mustang.


  2. I think Airfix and Revell USA share similar characteristics, probably because they’re both survivors in places where plastic modeling has lost a lot of followers and consumers. I tend to think Revell’s older kits are overall a bit better, because they were fortunate enough to get Monogram’s molds. As to Airfix, I’m no Stuka expert, but I picked up their 1/48 scale JU-87 kit and was reasonably impressed. Not like the latest stuff from Asia, but still very respectable, given the low price.


    • I tend to completely stay away from Revell/Monagram. Revell of Germany has some decent kits, though. It seems Airfix is hit or miss. I have about a dozen of their newer boxes WWII planes and some are good while the others look terrible. The price is nice but you get what you pay for.


  3. I made the Iraqi Mig 21 and Iranian F-14A 2 years ago and really enjoyed the builds. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. As for the Mustang, a real classic!


    • I got my start when I was a kid like most people. My Dad builds models as well so naturally I followed suit. I stopped building in my teens and picked it back up in my thirties. The love of planes has always stayed with me so I gradually got the bug again.


      • That’s awesome to hear you picked it back up. Glad to hear. I am all about people having hobbies and side gigs as opposed to simply working a day job, coming home and sitting down in front of the tube the rest of the night. Hate how that was accepted as a societal norm when there is so much else out there to experience. Keep up the passions and be well.


    • It’s certainly not as vibrant as it used to or should be, but it sure is a blast to me. It seems like everyone has the same fond memories from the past. I’m glad I can give those memories to my kids.


  4. It is interesting for you to note that you tend to build from a certain era, I think many people tend to settle in their hobbies, good to try something new now and again, Annie


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