American Airpower

I do realize that it seems as though I have a bias for American airplanes. I guess in some ways I do. As with all things close to home, I grew up seeing these planes at air shows and museums. I have nothing against “foreign” planes, I just gravitate towards the products of my home country.
My next two builds both were impulse selections. I have chosen to build Hasegawa’s F/A-18C Hornet “Golden Dragons” kit along with Hasegawa’s F-117A Nighthawk kit.
I actually started the F/A-18 at the tail end of my last two builds. I plan on building it straight from the box with a little added cockpit details. It looks decent so far. I haven’t indulged too far yet to notice any alarm bells.
I’ve been planning an F-117 build for a little while and finally decided to forego it after looking through my after market decals. I bought a set of clearance Two Bobs decals about a year ago with the intention that someday I would use them. On the sheet includes markings for the Grey Dragon scheme. As the name states, it’s a two tone grey scheme and not the typical flat black that all other F-117 wear. I’m a huge fan of the F-117 and of unique paint schemes. Put the two together and we have a winner. Aside from the decals, I also will be using a set of resin wheels. Other than that, all else will be from the box. This build yields very few parts so it should be a speedy one.



4 thoughts on “American Airpower

  1. I shall be very much looking forward to the Hornet build. I can’t help but think that the UK should have bought the Super-Hornet for its new aircraft carriers…. time will tell I guess.


    • Thank you! Generally, I keep all of my kits. I have sold one and I’ve built four for my father-in-law. It’s hard to part with them, but they are taken care of. That’s the most important thing to me.


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