The Hun

The F-100D Super Sabre is complete and has found its place on the shelf. I am quite pleased with the end results. Trumpeter hit this one out of the park. I had no issues with construction until final assembly when I misplaced the instructions. Luckily I found them online. I figured I would find them as soon as I was done but they are still missing in action.
I chose to depict this one in the Vietnam era SEA scheme. With that, I had to ditch the provided sidewinder missiles and use a few 500lb. bombs and ejector racks from one of Hasegawa’s weapons sets. Everything else was built straight from the box.
I tried a set of Cam Pro decals for the first time with this kit. The finished product looks good, but they are very delicate to work with. Also, they are printed on a continuos film resulting in having to cut each decal out from the others. These downfalls led me to only use the decals for the vertical stabilizer and one for the nose. The rest of the decals were from the provided Trumpeter sheet.
This kit has been on my “to build” list for a long time. I am happy with my results and to finally be able to check it off the list.




23 thoughts on “The Hun

  1. I am impressed with your model building… It is obvious a true passion. Your photos are great too. Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to following yours and seeing what you build in the future.


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