Ready For Paint

Things with the Super Sabre and the Pfiel have been going well lately. Time has been my enemy with no fault to both kits respectively. As a matter of fact, both kits are ready for paint. I’ve started working on the F-100’s infamous discoloration of the engine housing. I used Model Masters Metalizer Burnt Metal for the base coat. After the base coat dried, I used Model Masters Metalizer Burnt Iron to highlight the ribbing on the fuselage. The final detail was the blue-ish over annealed look. Luckily for me, I work in a steel mill and know first hand what this looks like. I mixed two parts Testor’s Silver with one part Testor’s Dark Blue. For this detail, I lightly went over the burnt iron. Not too much, but just enough to see a difference. This was my first time using the metalizers so I hope I did it correctly. It was fairly simple to use. I didn’t need to thin down anything. The only downside is that you have to use a special kind of thinner. The results make it well worth it.
As for the Pfiel, it sits waiting for some attention. I flew through the F-100 so quick that I didn’t stop to work on this one. When I finally made time to build, I was pleased with the results. Other than thin parts, DML has won me over. The Pfiel has been a good build. I forgot to add nose weights which led to some surgery. It’s always the nose weights with me! Aside from that, it’s next in line for paint.



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