F-4S Phantom

After a busy week of working afternoons, I have been able to complete the first of my three builds. Here we have the iconic F-4S Phantom. Who doesn’t like this beast of a plane?
Assembly went pretty well. No major hang-ups. However there were a few fitting issues. The holes for the horizontal stabilizers were too thin and had to be widened out. Also, the nose cone needed a little extra attention to achieve a decent fit.
I managed to keep myself from painting this one in the S.E.A. camouflage scheme and went with the typical U.S. Navy scheme of gull gray and white. I added Eagle Strike’s VF-111 Sundowners decals to finish it up.
Overall, this was a pretty good build. Not that Tamiya put a bad kit on the market, but I think I’ll try a different company for my next Phantom build.




13 thoughts on “F-4S Phantom

  1. Love this one as well. The Phantom is my fav plane. I will never forget when two F4s from the NY ANG came up to our airshow here years and years ago. They flew low and fast in tight formation over the airfield. They were the loudest things i ever heard! The ground even vibrated.


  2. I have a Hasegawa 1/48 one in the same markings on the shelf of doom. I need to finish her up some time. Beauty of an airplane and build.


  3. Just before going to Danang in ’71, I worked on an F4 for about a month at the now non-existent El Toro Marine base in California. I’m impressed with the lengths you’ve gone with your hobby. Thanx for sharing this blog with us and for visiting my site. Have a wonderful day..


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