At the Finish Line

The past three day have seen some high caliber time spent on both my Trojan and Mosquito builds. I have been working on both until there is nothing left to do but let paint or filler dry. It’s been a building marathon with prime results.
The T-28 has overcome its crash and is currently in the painting process. I put the last coat of Testor’s flat white on the underside last night. I’ll shoot the topside today with Model Masters dark tan and add the camouflage tomorrow. I’m all out of medium green which requires a trip to the hobby shop. I spent some time adding and modifying weapons racks and also adding a resin engine from Quickboost. Given the early turmoil, this one should be shelf worthy soon.
The Mosquito has been a pleasurable build. Aside from some warping in the tail, this is a great kit. Once I started in on the guts of the build, it went together fairly well. The gaps at the wing roots were not easy to swallow, but they surprised me will little filling and sanding. The nose guns are rudimentary so I will look for some resin ones to make it look a little more authentic. I picked up a set of True Details wheels and some after market decals to finish it up. As it sits, the Mosquito is ready for paint. All I have to do is decide which paint scheme.


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