Which One to Choose?

Choosing my next build proved to be a difficult task for me to accomplish. My selection process is quite primitive. To choose my next kit, all I do is look through my stock and when a model intrigues me, I build it. I am lucky, or unlucky, enough to have a hobby shop’s selection of kits to choose from. I’m sure as my wife is reading this, alarm bells are going off and she is nodding her head in agreement. Anyway, this process seemed difficult this time around. There were an abundance of kits that I wanted to build. Among the candidates were (all in 1/72 scale) Hobby Craft’s CF-100 Canuck, Hasegawa’s EF-111A Raven, Fujimi’s MiG-21, Airfix’s A-4 Skyhawk, and about five others.
When this situation comes about, my next deciding factor is to look at the instructions and decals to see if one kit excites me more than the others. In this case, the EF-111A Raven caught my eye. Hasegawa made a great effort to put out a quality kit. The landing gear alone is enough incentive to take a spin with this one. The only downfall, in my opinion, is the cockpit. Not a whole lot going on in there. They provide decals for the instrument panels. A little scratch building will take care of that, though. The canopy is another problem in that you can’t build it in the open position. Careful cutting can resolve this issue as well. Other than that, this kit is a winner.
I haven’t gotten too far into the build yet, but so far it is going smooth. I have completed the exhaust cans and landing gear and now I will focus on the cockpit. This will be a good challenge to accomplish.


12 thoughts on “Which One to Choose?

  1. I’m curious how much of the cockpit will be seen given the lack of a bubble canopy…although figuring how how to display the canopy open may make a huge difference. I’d love to see what you scratch build for the cockpit..challenging in 1:72.


  2. The Hasegawa F-111 kits are nice in 1/72.
    Picking a kit is hard, I’ve been going with themes lately where I’ll build multiple kits (like 2 P-47s) at the same time
    Look forward to seeing your build.


  3. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blogpost. It was fun looking at your collection of aircraft I envy people with the manual dexterity to construct detailed models. It’s a skill that, unfortunately, I don’t possess.


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