Dual Finish

I’m not exactly being true to my title. My F-94C Starfire has been completed for about a week now leaving the Su-34 in it’s wake. After much avoidance, I decided to chicken out of the digital camouflage scheme and use a more traditional one. The plane sat, ready for paint, for over two weeks. Since then I have started two more builds and figured I better finish the Sukhoi before I went any further.
Construction on both the F-94C and the Su-34 went well. For those out there wanting to build the Starfire kit, be extremely gentle when filling and sanding the wings. I had to redo both sides multiple times. After you get them where you want them, continue to be cautious with them as they are not very forgiving. Other than that it went pretty easy. Emhar failed, in my opinion, with the detail for the price of the kit. If you can get it at a decent price then it’s worth it.
I really didn’t have any issues other than fear with the Su-34. Italeri put out a great kit of this beast of a plane. Good detail, and great fitting parts are the highlight of this kit. It also comes with a massive payload of ordinance which is a plus in any kit. Maybe some day I will venture out and do the digital scheme, but for the sake of accuracy I couldn’t find any reference photos of this plane with the digital scheme. Reality is that I just didn’t want to take the extensive time to attempt it.



18 thoughts on “Dual Finish

  1. Very nice work. I built model airplane when I was young. The we got a game called Hero Quest and I painted the figures with my son and daughter. We moved on to Warhammer and painted futuristic vehicles and figures while playing the game. You have a great blog. It should be fun to follow your skillful work.


  2. That F-94C looks stunning, so too does the Sukhoi. I was at the Duxford spring Airshow in the UK last sunday and they flew a great display with the worlds only surviving airworthy F-86A. I posted some pics at the bottom of the “flightline walk”. Once again great kits, please keep them coming!


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