Dual Build

Now that my Demon has been shelved, it’s time for a new build. Actually, it’s time for two builds. I have opted for the dual build so I can always have something to accomplish. With a singular build, you accumulate a lot of down time waiting for paint to dry, filler to set, or glue to bond. While building two kits at once, you can count on quality building without the standstills.
For my two kits, I have chosen Italeri’s 1/72 Sukhoi SU-34/32 Strike Flanker and Emhar’s 1/72 F-94C Starfire. So far, all that I have accomplished is some prep work on both kits. I’ve cut cockpit details, ordinance, and landing gear from the trees. I assembled and sanded the seams on the ordinance and they are ready for a base coat. I am quite unfamiliar with colors of Russian missiles so I will need to do some extensive research. I plan on giving the Flanker a digital camouflage paint scheme, in which I am a little apprehensive to try.
Italeri put some good detail in this Flanker. The landing gear looks fabulous and it comes with a full array of weapons. Emhar put out a basic kit. Not to much for details with this Starfire. I plan on searching for some after market details to liven it up.
I most definitely will be busy with these two kits. I am excited to get into the flow and relax a bit.

24 thoughts on “Dual Build

  1. Very nice. Two great aircraft. There’s some gorgeous camo choices with the Su-34. Any chance you’ll do some super-detailing and show off the missiles in the missile pods for the F-94?


  2. I always like to have 2 projects going at the same time. I feel like I am constantly engaged that way. I look forward to seeing the completion of the planes, particularly the Starfire. The look appeals to me. Thanks for the like of my post “Smiling Daffodil Bud”.


  3. First, Thank you for checking out my blog! Second, I scrolled through most of your posts on here and must say, WOW! Fantastic job. The quality is impeccable. Absolutely beautiful and super cool!! This looks like so much fun!



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