Meng F-102A (case X)


I have been looking for a 1/72 F-102 Delta Dagger for quite some time now and saw the release of Meng’s kit a while back.  I had never built or even seen a Meng kit before so I was cautious about it and for the price, I decided the risk was too high to have it turn out to be a flop.  So I waited. Fast forward a couple months and the March 2013 issue of Fine Scale Modeler featured a review of the kit.  Overall, it was a good review. The cons that they found, I certainly could deal with.  I decided to take the leap on a new company and buy one.  Wow!  That’s all I need to say.

I purchased it for $25.50, shipping included, off eBay. Every penny of that is a bargain!  Meng really put out a great kit.  The molds are clean and have good recessed panel lines. Other options include bomb bay door positioning, air brake positioning, and three different decal solutions. If you are like me and are on the fence about this kit, have no worries.  You won’t be dissapointed in this one. At $25.50, it was a steal. Since I am a sucker for the southeast asian camo scheme, I have to buy another one. As impressed as I am with this kit, I will not be afraid to pull the trigger on Meng’s future releases.

7 thoughts on “Meng F-102A (case X)

  1. Good to know that you like the kit. I’ve built ancient Hasegawa F-106 kit last year and after the rescribing session I wasn’t really in the mood to buy an overpriced Hase F-102 and repeat the rescribing. I’ve been bitten a bit by the Century Series fighter bug a bit 🙂


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