Vacation Build

Here I am, sitting and watching my kids run around our vacation house in Florida. It’s Disney World time again and among the suitcases and bags of toys, my B-57 model made it’s way here. It’s coming along quite nicely. I spent last night in bed sanding the nine internal bombs before going to sleep. Vacation should come more often than this.
Last years vacation to Florida brought along Academy’s 1/72 scale F-14A Tomcat. I did a little pre-painting and building before we left and was able to get most of the build done. This was a typical Academy kit. Little filling and sanding was required. I used a set of Jasmine decals and Hasegawa pilots. Also, I used a set of Eduard remove before flight flags. You’re supposed to relax on vacation and I cannot think of a better way to relax here.


22 thoughts on “Vacation Build

  1. Thanks so much for liking my post on Starlight Affinity. I am enjoying your site quite a bit, as it is bringing back memories of working on car models with my father. I had forgotten all about it! I admire your passion, creativity, and attention to detail!


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