After a full head of steam through my F-16CJ build, I was unlucky enough to get the terrible flu that has been circulating the Chicagoland area.
I am glad to say that I am better and finished with the build. Everything about this build was a joy. It did have some challenges, but not too difficult of ones. Academy really put a great kit on the market. The molds were superb. There was no flashing and minimal filling. This kit has the most complex landing gear I have ever put together. Finely detailed, I recommend to all that this kit will not disappoint.



19 thoughts on “Complete

  1. amazing…I used to try to help my son when he did models, certainly not as detailed as this one but with some degree of difficulty and it wasn’t my thing! great work…

    thank you for stopping by…


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections,
    I feel you may find something of your interest.


  3. I blame you! After reading through yours posts I have got the bug again!! I spent a lot of time in my younger years assembling models day after day with my Dad and loved every minute of it. But then I found girls and a drivers license! Now that Im settled down, two young kids and no free time, I want to go buy a model RIGHT NOW! I’ll probably go get the standard Michaels or wal mart one just to get started again. Do you have any suggestions for a brand you like the most and the best place to buy them? Love all the posts, can’t wait to sit down and look at them all.


    • I’m glad to give you the desire to build again. I enjoy building Academy, Hasegawa, and Trumpeter kits. I have all brands of kits, but I find that those three consistantly put out nice kits. I buy my kits wherever I can find them at a good price. Most of my kits are purchesed online. If you are going to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, they usually have 40% coupons online. Welcome back to the hobby. I am glad you enjoyed my blog.


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