Wild Weasel

Here we have Monogram’s 1/72 F-105G Thunderchief. I built this one about a year ago and I believe this was a “next step” kit for me. By that I mean that I ventured further into the realm of building for as much realism as possible. The kit was built mostly from the box except for Wolfpak decals and I used Shrike missiles from a Hasegawa Weapons Set. I really tried to show some wear and tear on this “Thud”. I dry-brushed Testors Aluminum in random spots along the panel lines and weathered it with pastels. At the last minute I decided to pose this one just after take off with the landing gear retracting. I went to my local hobby shop and purchased some clear dowel rods to support it. Overall this was a good build. It’s a leap to try something different, but that’s the point with modeling right?



28 thoughts on “Wild Weasel

  1. Nice description of the work that you put into this model. Not built any kits for about 30 years, but built around 60 in the ten years I did modelling. Will follow you as I intend to feature model building on the blog I am just starting, which is a mixture of nostalgia and memories. You never know I might catch the modelling bug again!


  2. Thanks for dropping in on my Blog …. I’ve never been in an aeroplane in all my 75 years – haven’t even got a passport ! But – I do live fairly near Gatwick Airport and have taken some photos of the ‘planes there. Ha ha – my mind has never quite grasped how they stay up in the air !!


  3. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I am the daughter and sister of pilots (my older brother flew the F-100 and my father flew several Air Force planes in the 50’s). I noticed your entry titled “Wild Weasel” and read with interest about your model airplane, as it represents an aircraft to which I feel a personal connection. Here is a link to the story of a heroic “Wild Weasel” crew member (an electronic warfare officer) who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. I wore a POW bracelet with his name on it during the early 70’s and eventually came to know the full story of what happened to him. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery and his name appears on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.


  4. My father used to build balsa wood airplanes.
    It had enough power to get up into the air, and then he would cut the power….and the plane would simply glide through the air. If he had done a good job balancing everything, the planes would glide for quite awhile.
    Luckily, he put his name on the bottom of his planes. One of them glided 55 miles and landed in the Patuxent River in Maryland. The nice people who found it asked us all over for dinner…and gave my happy dad back the best plane he ever built!


  5. Looking good!

    I have a model Spitfire Mk 5 that came free with a magazine—now missing two blades of the prop and the starboard cannon due to a gust of wind, flapping curtain, and crash landing in my study, but still looks great (ish).

    I think the Spitfire arguably the most beautiful aircraft ever to take flight …


  6. I really love projects that show planes doing what they do best. How did you do the runway? The whole thing looks great.


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