Spruce up your landing gear.

One detail I enjoy doing on any of my airplanes is the landing gear.  There are a few options when it comes to your gear.  Aftermarket sets are readily available, but why not use stock?  Brake lines and hydraulic hoses can easily be made using wire.  I have four different kinds of wire that I use.  You can pick up some phone wire that is a little easier to work with, or a suitable gauge that you can pick up at Menard’s.  If you research your respective airplane online, you can find all the resources you need.  Just form the wire and adhere it to your landing gear.  Aside from the various hoses, there are running lights that you can add to your landing gear as well.  For most 1/72 scale kits, the lights are formed in the mold.  All you need to do is put a little paint on them.  I like to use Chrome Silver for my lights and hydraulic cylinders.  It is a little more reflective than silver.  For lights that are not in the mold, I have used pieces of clear sprue.  After you remove your canopy from the sprue, snip a few pieces off.  Sand, adhere, and paint.  With a little added effort, your landing gear will look miles better than the stock gear.

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